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The benefits of Ativan do come with some side effects as is the case with most prescription medications. The most commonly reported of these includes dizziness, weakness, feeling unsteady, headaches and sadness. Women who are pregnant should not take Ativan as it's been associated with causing birth defects in unborn children. And, because this medication can be passed through breast milk to a nursing child, breastfeeding women are advised not to take Ativan.

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People can become dependent upon Ativan so doctors always slowly wean patients off this medication. If a patient taking Ativan for a long period of time were to simply stop taking the drug, he or she could develop depression, seizure disorders, muscle cramping, vomiting and/or sweating. Ativan must always be taken with care because of the fact that it can cause drowsiness. This is why anyone taking Ativan must be careful when driving and when operating potentially dangerous machinery.

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Even though there are many benefits of Ativan, doctors prescribing this medication typically only do so for a period of time no longer than four months. This is because Ativan can become habit-forming when used for long periods of time. A person who's become dependent upon Ativan may not feel well wherein they start neglecting their work and family responsibilities. Some people who've become dependent upon Ativan experience cognitive problems as well as speech difficulties. In the most serious cases, kidney failure can result from Ativan dependency as can extreme depression and respiratory problems.

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