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Welcome to the TSSR website. The Shiloh Shepherd Registry was formed in 2002 by a number of long time breeders and fanciers who are devoted to the breed.  In  2006  the TSSR incorporated and the governing body is now a Board of Directors. All Board of Directors and Registrar are volunteers. Our common goal is to ensure the continuation of our wonderful breed by raising the bar on the health testing and temperament of the Shiloh Shepherd breed. All Shiloh Shepherds (companion or show/breeding) are important to the TSSR. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to SERVE YOU.








Paypal is now available for registration fees---contact for an invoice or call 610-378-1899 and ask for Christi.

2013 Shiloh Shepherd Nationals

Gananoque, Canada

Thousand Island Area

Ivy Lea Campground

September 22-23, 2013

Sponsored by the ISSDC


More information check out the ISSDC website




Looking for a puppy?

7 wk old puppies, grey sable and bi-black/cream dual

Coming soon---puppy page.



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2012 TSSR Awards

Grand Victor
Templar Rosco Earl Of Semper-Fi  aka “Rosco”  (Pepper/Sniper), owned by Bob &Rose Prichard/Doug & Barb Kirtley and bred by Doug & Barb Kirtley (SemperFi Shilohs)

Grand Victrix
Ridgewood’s Whisper Down The Lane  aka  “Rumor” (Haley/Sage), owned and bred by Christi Yonavick/Trish Beltz (Ridgewood Shilohs)

Female Puppy Of The Year
DreamCatchersStoryToTellvBrickChapel  aka “Tory” (Fina/Sage), owned by Kelly & Brian Potance/Rhonda Van Emon and bred by Rhonda Van Emon/Lyn Segee (Brick Chapel /Highlander Shilohs)

Male Puppy Of The Year
Brick Chapel’s Beloved Shayne  aka “Shayne” (Fina/Sage), owned by Pat & Michael O’Hearn/Rhonda Van Emon and bred by Rhonda Van Emon/Lyn Segee (Brick Chapel /Highlander Shilohs)

National Selects
#1  Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You  aka “Joker”  (Carly/Kilian), owned and bred by Trish Beltz/Christi Yonavick (Ridgewood Shilohs)

#2  Genesis Hammerhead Of Blackstone  aka  “Hammer” (Stella/Aggie) owned by Brad Black and bred by Michelle Bowler (Genesis Shilohs)

#3  Ridgewood’s Fame & Fortune  aka “Ca$h”  (Haley/Sage) owned by Loretta & Don Lester and bred by Christi Yonavick/Trish Beltz (Ridgewood Shilohs)

#4  KindredSpirit Tikaani V MtAiry  aka “Ty”  (Frances/Thunder) owned by Monica & John Popaduke/Nancy Dietz and bred by Nancy Dietz (MtAiry Shilohs)

#5  Brk Chapls Irish Red O BearPaw  aka “Kilian” (Venus/Kit) owned by Rhonda Van Emon/Nancy Schmidt and bred by Nancy Schmidt (Bearpaw Shilohs)

#6  Brk Chapels Tempted By Delyla  aka “Delyla” (Fina/Konrad) owned by Rhonda Van Emon and bred by Rhonda Van Emon/Lyn Segee (Brick Chapel /Highlander Shilohs)

#7  Xanadu’s Locked & Loaded  aka “Bruno”  (Sadie/Shadow) owned by Jan & Louis Burke/Terri Hayden and bred by Michele Jeseme (Sure Foot Shepherds)

#8  Brick Chapels Valentine Of Ridgewood  aka  “Valli Rose”  (Haley/Koly) owned by Rhonda Van Emon/Christi Yonavick and bred by Christi Yonavick/Trish Beltz (Ridgewood Shilohs)

#9  Rangers Pocono Bearcat Of JNL  aka  “Cat) (Vixen/Coz) owned by Roy Cody Karlsen/Janet Santini and bred by Janet Santini/Nancy Schmidt (JNL Pocono Shilohs/Bearpaw Shilohs)

#10  JNL’s Dream Come True Bearpaw  aka “Dreamer” (Kangee/Koly) owned by Janet Santini/Nancy Schmidt and bred by Nancy Schmidt (Bearpaw Shilohs)

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!!!!!  These awards will be presented at National weekend September 21- 23 in Gananoque, Canada.  Hope to see everyone there!!!


Photos of above Shilohs coming soon!



2011 GV/NS/POTY Awards

Grand Victor 2011

Grand Victrix 2011

Twillight Acres Raiden Ridgewood's Rune

Shadowgate's Midnight Thunder "Raiden" (Karma/Brodie) owned by Terri-Lyn & Steve Thomson and bred by Cher Mundy

Exodus-Rdgwood Mystic Amber "Rune" (Carly/Kilian) owned by Yasuko Minami/Christi Yonavick and bred by Christi Yonavick

Male Puppy Of The Year

Female Puppy Of The Year

Wrangler of Siskiyou Ridgewood's Rumor

Island Mist's Siskiyou Wrangler "Wrangler" (Misty/Summit) owned by Bev Roth and bred by Sherry Drebenicki


Ridgewood's Whisper Down The Lane "Rumor" (Haley/Sage) owned and bred by Christi Yonavick/Trish Beltz


See 2011 National Selects


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